1973 UK join European Economic Community - EEC 50p is worth £2.28

1973 UK join European Economic Community - EEC
The 1973 UK join European Economic Community - EEC design is the third rarest 50 pence coin in circulation and has a value of 50 pence, but collectors of coins currently pay £2.28* to own this coin.
Coin YearEntered CirculationActive Circulation*

Do you have one to sell?: Recent sales of this coin on eBay achieved £2.14 to £2.55 based on a sample of 200 sold items, taking the mid price* and a 10% range of ordered prices.

Additional information about this 50 pence coin:
Coin Name 1973 United Kingdom's accession to the European Economic Community
Denomination 50p
Details The inscription "50 PENCE" and the date of the year, surrounded by nine hands, symbolising the nine members of the Community, clasping one another in a mutual gesture of trust, assistance and friendship
In Circulation No
Design By: David Wynne

Notes: Entered Circulation data from The Royal Mint website. *Active Circulation is an estimated figure based on an assumed year on year reduction in circulating coins.