2011 WWF 50p is worth £1.87

2011 WWF
The 2011 WWF design is the second rarest 50 pence coin in circulation and has a value of 50 pence, but collectors of coins currently pay £1.87* to own this coin.
Coin YearEntered CirculationActive Circulation*

Change Checking Chances: When receiving a 50 pence coin in your change you have about a 1 in 909 chance of finding this design.

Do you have one to sell?: Recent sales of this coin on eBay achieved £1.71 to £2.01 based on a sample of 1200 sold items, taking the mid price* and a 10% range of ordered prices.

Additional information about this 50 pence coin:
Coin Name 2011 WWF
Denomination 50p
Details Celebrating 50 years of the work of WWF
In Circulation Yes
Design By: Matthew Dent

Notes: Entered Circulation data from The Royal Mint website. *Active Circulation is an estimated figure based on an assumed year on year reduction in circulating coins.